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Executive Coaching, Assessment & Talent Management

TCH Consulting was formed on the belief that talent management will continue to be a major factor in determining the success of an organization. A company’s talent management strategy needs to be integrated such that their efforts to recruit, on-board, develop, retain and plan for succession are working in concert to reinforce the business strategy and business processes.

TCH Consulting is built to serve clients who value talent management and invest in the quality of their employees. We strive to be your partner and create a long term relationship that will allow us to consistently improve upon the value we deliver to your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Assessment – View of employees strengths and development needs - complete with benchmarking to the industry

  • Executive Coaching – Create plans to assist executives to achieve better results for the company and themselves

  • Succession Planning – Ensure a robust pipeline of people who are ready to take on the key jobs in your company




"The goal of any engagement is an improved company through the increased effectiveness of the executive team."

Tim Hicks








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