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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching, Executive Assessment and Talent Management - Tim Hicks - TCH Consulting LLCContext is an important factor in creating a successful executive coaching engagement. Each individual, company, industry, and region are unique and relevant to consider when an executive is working to optimize their effectiveness. The coach’s job is to understand and adapt their approach to the context of the situation. Too often the coaching industry gets this backward and asks the executive to adjust to the coach’s style or methodology. Or the coach is overly reliant on a psychological model that labels an executive but does little to help them improve themselves.

My approach is to work with you to understand your expectations and to develop a coaching plan that meets your needs. We will spend the appropriate amount of time discussing the context of your situation and how we can best determine the focus of our work together, the type of coaching that works best for you, how often we should meet, and how we will measure our success. My goal is to improve your effectiveness as an executive and to guide you through a process which accomplishes this.

My work to date has been with executives who are in a new role or readying themselves for one. New chief executives or those who aspire to the role are a common engagement. The remainder are typically executives who are at a career hinge point – they are moving to a new function, taking on a more complex set of responsibilities, or a similar situation where the executive realizes they need to expand their toolkit and acquire new skills and behaviors to be effective.

If you believe this approach and focus will work for you or your organization please make contact so we can discuss your situation.




"Executive Development Plans must be specific and measurable in order to benefit both the company and the individual."

Tim Hicks










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