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Executive Assessment & Talent Management

Clients occasionally need assistance with decisions regarding hiring or promotion. The investment you make in a new employee or a promotion is filled with opportunity and risk. The information you get from an assessment can help you to embrace your decision or build a robust on-boarding plan to mitigate any risk of the new executive failing.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is done at almost every company. And almost every company believes they need to do more to improve their process. Having a deep and well-defined bench of talent that gives you options when filling critical positions in your company is an enviable position. TCH Consulting can assist you with the process of identifying your talent and where gaps exist that need attention. Past clients have asked us to sit in their succession planning meetings to offer benchmarking to the outside marketplace and to offer observations on their process.





"Employee Assessment must enable a decision or serve as a foundation for an individual's executive development program."

Tim Hicks









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