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Tim Hicks - TCH Consulting -  Executive Leadership Advisor & Executive Assessment and Talant Management Development

Welcome to TCH Consulting. This web site is designed to give you an overview of my capabilities and approach to executive coaching and talent management. It is meant as a conversation starter so please call or write for more information.

Choosing an executive coach is an important decision. There are plenty of us out there to give you many choices in style and experience. Finding a coach that can earn your trust and can demonstrate their competence and willingness to work with your needs will give you a better return on the investment you will make in the process.

Thank you for your interest. If you believe I can help you or your organization please let me know. You will find more information on my services and background in the tabs of the web site.

Tim Hicks




"Leadership advisors need to focus on creating long term value for their clients."

 Tim Hicks









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